The most effective golf training club you will ever use!

For years and years golfers have always felt that there was something lacking in their ability to learn to swing the golf club. Golfers have taken lesson after lesson only to hear the same old stuff.   You are too handsy.   You're not making your shoulder turns.   You need to swing the club head and not hit with your hands and arms from the top and so on.

The Whippy TempoMaster


In all my years here at Whippy HQ we have heard the same from all those that e-mail us or call:   My instructor told me I am hitting from the top and he gets frustrated with me because I can't change it.   The problem is, I can't feel it when I do it.   That's just one scenario but, the common denominator of all the scenarios we hear is, "I can't feel it".   That's why The Whippy TempoMaster was invented.  It is the most flexible golf training club you will ever use that you will actually hit balls with.  And, of course, we all know we are working to be better ball strikers not just one who has a flawless practice swing on the tee box or in the fairway.

By name, most people don't see past the word "tempo" in "TempoMaster" therefore thinking that The Whippy merely works on tempo. Absolutely you will develop great tempo in your swing by using it  however, The Whippy does a lot more than develop tempo.  The Whippy allows the golfer to feel every aspect of their swing while they are hitting balls.   Whether it is the issue of pulling from the top, getting into the shaft just prior to impact with the hands, not utilizing proper leg work, or simply not making proper turns. The Whippy TempoMaster provides instant feedback to the golfer on every shot he/she hits.  If the shaft of The Whippy flexes at any point in your swing, it is at the point where the flaw is occurring.   So now, you can feel where in your swing the mistake is being made thus allowing you to fix it faster and more accurately with every subsequent shot you make and you will have fun doing it.  No more wasted range sessions.   No more pounding 100 or so balls and leaving the range or course with a sense of emptiness.

We have seen The Whippy work wonders with children who are just starting out as well as those adults who are just starting out. Put a Whippy in their hands and, after the first 10-15 balls, he/she is learning the feel of swinging the club head and, having fun doing it. And for those that have been golfing for most of their life after the first 10-15 balls, he/she will immediately know what they had been missing in their swing for all of those years.

The Whippy TempoMaster is not an overnight sensation.   The Whippy is something that will be used throughout your golfing career.   Case in point.   We know of some tour players that use The Whippy on a regular basis. You would think that, as good as they are, they don't need to swing or hit a club like The Whippy but, in reality, they do. They need and want to constantly and consistantly reinforce the proper moves of their swing.   The Whippy builds confidence in your swing and this is the confidence you will take  to the course.

For a .pdf copy of Dr. Melvins "Tips and Drills" booklet, click on the photo of the cover to the right.  Even if you have not purchased a Whippy of your own, this is a good source of training information that you will find helpful.


Dear John,

I am very sorry for not have written to you earlier but I do Still enjoy playing about with The Whippy's on the range more than writing letters.

Thank you very much for sending me the clubs and video. You will be pleased to know that they are being used every single day for some tempo practice and I am convinced that it is doing me a lot of good. Actually I feel I hit better with The Whippy than my regular clubs.

We had a funny incident with Arnold Palmer just after the par-3 competition at Augusta; he had taken position next to me on the practice tee and muttered to his caddy he didn't know what he was doing out there. He sounded bored and in the need of some excitement. So there I stood with my Whippy and pushed him in to having a go. I wished we had a video available because the result wasn't too good. Better said there was no result; the ball never left the practise ground. Maybe you should send him a club and tell him he has a year to practice till we meet again at Augusta next April.

I do thank you again and wish you a lot of success with the future of The Whippy TempoMaster.

With best wishes,
Sandy Lyle MBE

Dear Tom,
Thank you for the full set of whippy clubs. VJ is out practicing with it, hopefully it will "in grain" the feel of his tempo, rythem in his swing, He leaves for Miami next week!!

Ardena Singh

The best thing about The Whippy TempoMaster is you are developing a feel for your swing while you are hitting balls not just siwinging a device aimlessly through the air with no visual ball flight and no feel of ball contact.  Visual ball flight, the feel of ball contact, the weight of the club head swinging, and the flex, or lack of flex, in the shaft is what makes The Whippy TempoMaster so effective.

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The Whippy TempoMaster is used at every level of golf.   It is used on all of the different professional tours all the way to the beginner. Why do pros use it?   Because it reinforces the proper techniques in their swing with every shot they make.   Why should a beginner use it? Because it is the best way to learn how to swing the club head and to stay away from the hitting instinct that is so easily developed with regular shafted clubs. Why should a regular golfer use it?   Because The Whippy gives them the opportunity to build on what they already know about their own swing but have had a hard time applying that knowledge in order to improve his/her own game.

Tips and Drills Video from Whippy on Vimeo.

This is the training video produced by my Father in 1997 for his invention The Whippy TempoMaster golf training club. This video was sent with every Whippy TempoMaster that is shipped from our facility but we figured it would be easier to be able to view it here or save to your own medium. It's a visual version of the Tips and Drills booklet that he wrote long before this video was produced.

I've set the video to allow you to download to your computer and burn your own DVD. Also. Since it is here on Vimeo, you can watch the video while at the driving range on your personal device.


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