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1. If I Buy One Whippy, Do I Need to Buy More Later Down the Road?

There may have been some confusion in this site regarding how many Whippy clubs a person needs. It has been brought to my attention by a visitor that our site leads most people to believe that once you buy one of our Whippys that you need to buy more. We recommend that all you need is one. However, we do make a full set for the purpose of giving all Whippy users the option to use the club he/she prefers to practice with or needs to practice with. The purchase of one or more Whippys is solely the decision of the golfers who want them. We will help make the decision on which club a new customer may need based upon our conversation with him/her regarding the swing flaws he/she would like to correct. I apologize to all visitors to this site that may have gotten the wrong idea about the number of Whippys one should have or need.

2. Can I go fishing with it?

You wouldn't believe how many times we hear this when we do consumer golf shows. Every third person pops in and says, "Hey, if your playing bad just pull out The Whippy and catch a few fish!" ha, ha, ha. Next question, please.

3. Will I hit myself in the head with it?

No. The Whippy is flexible but not dangerous. Never swing this club or any other club in the direction of another person.

We have seen some pretty powerful swings over the years and not once have we seen somebody hit themselves. George "The Animal" Slupski, a national long drive professional, who is one of the strongest guys we've seen hit The Whippy, has come pretty close to grazing his right cheek on the follow through. But no damage done. To see this swing I am talking about, click on the George Slupski video link on the left of the page.

4. I can't hit my regular clubs so how am I ever going to hit The Whippy?

We hear this comment about as much as we hear "can we go fishing with it". Our answer to this is, if you don't think you can hit TWTM, or if looks or feels strange to you, then you are the person that it will help the most. The reason it feels weird is that The Whippy shaft is telling you that there may be a few flaws in your swing.

Odds are the problem is you haven't been able to feel where your swing flaws have been occurring while using your regular equipment. Sure, you have been told what you are doing wrong, but until you use The Whippy TempoMaster, you won't be able to FEEL what you are doing wrong, and more importantly, feel it when you are swinging correctly. It's not an overnight cure all.

Certainly in your first session with TWTM you may not be able to hit the ball straight or with a draw. But, over a period of time you will be able to hit it better and better, and there will come a time when you will be able to strike a ball with the Whippy as well or better than you do with your regular clubs. While you are working on this program you will notice a significant difference in the way your regular clubs feel and the way you swing them. This encourages golfers to want to try to learn TWTM even more.

5. I'll wrap this thing around my neck.

There is absolutely no way you could wrap this club around your neck. Although the shaft is extremely flexible, it is that way for a reason. And that reason is to get you to realize that swinging a golf club is quite simple. All you have to do is feel what is going on during your swing. Once you learn to feel the correct application of power to the club head, you will continue to improve with every practice session. You will begin to understand more about the golf swing and more importantly you will understand more about your own golf swing.

So, will you wrap TWTM around your neck? No, you won't. The swing thought you want to have is of swinging TWTM as hard and fast as you possibly can without putting any stress on the shaft. You don't want it to bend on the take away, at the transition from back swing to downswing or during the follow through.

6. Will TWTM help me finish my swing?

Being that The Whippy is so flexible, if you try to stop the club at or just after impact it will flex dramatically. The club head will want to keep going with the speed and power you have stored in it. What this then causes you to do is keep turning until your follow through dissipates the speed of the club head. What you will feel is a nice smooth, comfortable collapsing of the arms and club head over the shoulder as you are balanced facing your target.

7. Will I be able to hit balls as far with TWTM?

Striking balls with TWTM is no different than striking balls with your regular equipment. The only difference is the feel that you get from The Whippy shaft. Once you learn to hit TWTM you should be able to hit as far if not farther than your regular equipment. Once you can do this, you will see a significant improvement on how your regular equipment feels and performs.

8. Will TWTM slow my swing down?

We are not trying to slow your swing down. Rather, we are trying to smooth out your transitions. These transitions would be your take away and the change from the back swing to the downswing. We do not slow your club head speed rather we increase it. This is done by letting you feel, through The Whippy shaft, what you do to the club with your hands and arms and what happens when you don't perform the proper turns.

9. Once I learn to hit The Whippy what does that say about the optimum shaft flex in my regular equipment?

There are so many different shafts and shaft flexes these days that it can get quite confusing. It's hard for us to recommend a particular shaft flex without really spending a lot of time with the golfer. My experience in long driving has shown me that if the club feels good to me I use it. If I can feel the club head swinging on the end of the shaft and I get the desired ball trajectory and roll from the club then that is the club I like to use.

We recommend that you test several manufacturers with a variety of weights and flexes until you find the clubs that FEEL good to you, clubs that you can be confident with.

By using The Whippy clubs you will develop a feel for your swing and a feel for striking golf balls. This feel will transfer to your playing equipment which will enhance your round of golf and eventually reduce your scores.

10. What is the best Whippy to start with?

We usually suggest using The Whippy that is the same as the club or clubs you are having the most difficult time hitting. There are those guys who are very strong iron players but tend to get a little quick and distance oriented with their woods. For those guys we suggest training with the Whippy Driver or 3-wood. Then there are those guys who can hit it a ton off the tee but when they get from 200 yds and in, they seem to just scrape it around with no consistency. In this case we recommend a mid iron usually around a 7,6,5,or 4.

But don't forget about the short game. No matter how you play to within a hundred yards, you need to be able to get up and down. The Whippy PW, SW, and Putter are excellent ways to develop consistency and confidence around the green.

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